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Kristy C. – Camille is hands down one of the best dance fitness instructors around. Her classes are always fun. You will definitely get one heck of an amazing workout with her.

Daniella C. – Camille is a fantastic teacher. My kids told me they were nervous going into class. They had no trouble diving in and participating. So fun!

Heygly G. : It is a very nice place, and the attention of its owners is wonderful, you also have a lot of fun, I love it.

Darla H. : Camille is so fun and energetic! She is also great with kids!

Tamara L. : I have worked with Camille both as an adult, beginning dancer and at my public, elementary school as a Hip Hop Kids instructor. The first thing you need to know about Camille is that she is one of the kindest, most accepting women I’ve ever met. She is so cool that I was shy to talk to her at first. I just kind of snuck in and out of her Hip Hop Boot Camp and Zumba classes, but she made sure that she knew that I knew she saw me. She learned my name. She called me up to the front. She helped me build my confidence as a dancer. That’s the thing: Camille can make a personal connection with a wall. While she’s dancing with you, she’s making eye contact, feeling the room, smiling at you and making everyone feel included, young old, fat, thin, in shape or out: she wants you to love dancing as much as she does! Then, when Hip Hop Kids came to my school, Oak Heights Elementary, I found out the teacher was Camille! SCORE for Oak Heights! From day one, every kid felt her swagger and wanted to dance just like her. She leads with clarity and confidence. She encourages creativity and identity. She is cool, kind, inclusive and compassionate, wanting every kid to feel important, seen and involved. My arc with Camille goes back five years, first as a random dancing teacher lady in a group fitness class and eventually to one of the best people, colleagues and friends I claim to know. Take her class. You will love dancing with Camille and Utah Dance and Fitness!!