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“Ladies, leave your men at home.  It’s 11:30 and the club is JUMPIN JUMPIN”

Thanks for that, Destiny’s Child.  But actually it’s at 7:30 pm and you’re going to be working out so wear your tennies!  You will be JUMPIN JUMPIN!

Let’s get to know each other.

  • Come meet our instructors before the first day of class.
  • Get to know the admin team so you know who to call if you have any problems with payments or registration.
  • Complete online registration and setup your Parent Portal.
  • Try 15 minute mini-classes.
  • Refreshments


9:30 Welcome

9:45 Kids class for littles (ages 2-4)

10:15 Boys Hip Hop (ages 4+)

10:45 Ballet class (ages 4+)

11:15 Jazz/Hip hop/acro (ages 7+)

Bring your friends for a party and a workout! Party music and disco lights – this a way better than hitting the gym.  Drop-ins welcome!

Start with a 1-mile Fun Run led by adult fitness instructor and marathoner, Daniella!

After you return, we are getting dance-y and stretch-y with Camille for a 30-minute mini class.

All ages welcome!

Adult Dance Party

Everyone loves a dance party!

Think you and 20 of your friends at a dance club.  Dress cute – but you’re definitely gonna sweat!

Choose your music and dance theme – Latin, pop/rock, hip hop.

Table space for refreshments and gifts. Perfect for Girls Night Out, bachelorette parties, birthday or anniversary parties.

$100 for 90 minute party

Kids Dance Party

Play and Learn!

Come and enjoy our fantastic tumbling room!  Kids will learn dance and tumbling (45 minutes), have free time tumbling (15 minutes), and use the party room afterwards for food and gifts.

$100 for 90 minute party

U Studio Rental

Perfect Space for Anything

U Studio features over 800 square feet, full length mirror wall, ballet barre, and surround sound.  Our space is clean and classy.  Conference and Zoom options are available.  Folding chairs and tables are available.  Possible uses: private dance lessons, practice space, seminars, *classes, family gatherings.


*Classes that directly compete with U Studio offerings will not be allowed.  All events must comply with U Studio policies and be approved by owners.




Venmo @Udancestudio
Check to Camille Neilsen


1491 N. 2950 W. Lehi
Utah 84043