Children’s Classes

Dance & Tumble

Age 2-3

A popular class for children, they will explore dance movement activities learning ballet and jazz technique as well as creative movement!

In the tumbling portion of class children will progress through a variety of skills beginning with forward rolls, backbends, handstands, and move on to work on more difficult skills and tricks! A variety of useful props, musical instruments and an obstacle course add to the playful environment and learning!

Attire – leotard, leggings, dance shorts, athletic clothing, dance skirt (NO JEANS), Shoes- Bare feet or pink ballet slippers


Little Dancer Combo Class

Age 3-7

This combination class focuses on the beginning steps and movements for jazz, tap, acro and ballet dancing! Kids will dance and learn with fun, age appropriate music in a positive and enriching atmosphere. During tap dance, children will learn about rhythm, syncopation, and create musical  sounds and sequences using their tap shoes. In addition students will benefit from improving their technique and grace while learning jazz and ballet.

Attire – leotard, leggings, dance shorts, athletic clothing (NO JEANS), Shoes- Ballet slippers, tap shoes (see our favorites at

Boys Hip Hop & Breakdance


In Hip Hop & Breakdance class, students learn a series of fun, energetic steps set to age-appropriate music and movement. Kids will work on rhythm, coordination, the art of freestyle dance, as well as learning beginning tumbling skills like forward rolls, backbends, and handstands. Boys will have a blast learning fun hip hop and breakdancing skills like the “can opener”, stalls, the robot, and many other tricks set to awesome music while having fun!

Attire – T-shirt, athletic shorts or athletic pants (NO JEANS), Shoes – Sneakers

Jazz/ Hip Hop/ Acro Combo


In Jazz, dancers will learn technique and terminology through warm ups, center exercises, across the floor exercises and center combinations.

They will improve flexibility, strength, while learning to execute new dance moves and improving their memory and performance skills. Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic and tumbling elements.

Attire – Leotard or fitted to and dance shorts or leggings. Shoes – Jazz shoes or dance socks



A beginning/intermediate level ballet class where students begin to learn and grow in the classical art of ballet technique. Beginning with exercises at the barre,  moving to center and then across the floor.

Class will focus on building strength, flexibility, grace and control. Dancers will expand their dance vocabulary as well as improve their memory and performance skills.

Attire – Ballet tights, or leggings, leotard, Shoes – Pink canvas ballet slippers




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