Empowerment Begins Here.

It is the mission of Utah Dance & Fitness to create the most friendly and welcoming environment with the most talented and engaging instructors. With our love of fitness, dance and tumbling we hope to inspire people of all ages to come and work hard, play, and learn! In our inclusive and uplifting atmosphere, we aim that each student leaves class a happier and more fulfilled person.

About UDF:

Owner of Utah Dance and Fitness: Camille Neilsen has had a love of dance and fitness her entire life. She has had extensive training in hip hop, ballet, tap, contemporary and ballroom dance. She attended Utah Valley University and graduated with a degree in dance. With a love of teaching she has over 15 years of experience teaching ages 1 – 82! In addition six years ago she began teaching adult fitness starting with Zumba, Hip Hop Dance Fitness, High Fitness, and Bootcamp classes. She loves teaching all abilities and believes in an inclusive environment where everyone can learn at any level. Camille believes one of the best things a person can do to better their life is move their body to exercise, use their mind to learn, engage with others and grow with movement and the art of dance.

Instructor Stephanie Paul started her love of gymnastics and fitness at a young age. She trained and competed in gymnastics for over 10 years as well as dancing and tumbling with her competitive dance team in high school. With a positive and energetic personality, children of all ages enjoy learning and growing in her tumbling classes! Experienced with teaching group fitness as well Stephanie loves teaching High Fitness and encouraging everyone to work hard and do their best.

Brie Smith has had a love of sports and fitness her entire life. Her profession is a Hairstylist where she owns her own Salon. She grew up dancing and playing many sports. She still continues to play indoor soccer and volleyball. She loves to be active and fell in love with HIGH Fitness 4 years ago and recently became an instructor October 2019. She is kind and welcoming and LOVES to teach and help others have a fun time while exercising!

Elise Neilsen has an incredible passion for health, fitness and overall wellness of mind and body! She has been active her entire life dancing, playing tennis and growing up cheerleading. Her first group fitness class she fell in love with was kickboxing, years ago. She loves endurance training and has ran 13 half marathons! One of Elise’s fav quotes is “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn. Elise believes in the power of strength and endurance training alongside aerobic because it supports your muscles, bones, balance and brain.

Instructor Team




Adult Fitness classes run every week throughout the year check schedule for any canceled classes. Drop in rate is $5 and a 10 class pass is $35 and a MONTHLY UNLIMITED CLASS MEMBERSHIP is only $25!!!

**Dance/High Fitness Party! One Friday of Every Month ** (Adult/Teen)

**Fam Jams! One Friday of Every Month! ** (Welcome to parents/aunts/uncles/grandparetns etc. and children ages 5 and up.

Dance & Tumble (ages 2.5 – 5)

D**Drop off class**

A popular class for children, they will explore dance movement activities learning ballet and jazz technique as well as creative movement! In the tumbling portion of class children will progress through a variety of skills beginning with forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, back walkovers and then move on to work on more difficult skills and tricks! A variety of useful props, musical instruments and an obstacle course add to the playful environment and learning!

*Attire- comfortable, moveable clothing, bare feet.

Beginning Hip Hop & Tumble(ages 5+)

This beginner Hip Hop & Tumble class students learn a series of fun, energetic steps set to age-appropriate music and movement. Teaching rhythm and coordination, enjoying the art of freestyle dance, and playing team building games students will be challenged to think on their feet while enjoying a dance class popular with both boys and girls!
In the tumbling portion of class children will progress through a variety of skills beginning with forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, back walkovers and then move on to work on more difficult skills and tricks

Dance Fitness

Instructor Camille is known for her infectious and crazy energy! You will want to dance bigger, jump higher, and just generally work harder than you thought you could just by showing up to a class! In her classes Camille works hard to bring you fresh, fun, and original dance fitness choreography. In  “Dance Fitness” classes students will follow along each week to original dance fitness choreography featuring pop/hip hop/dancehall and Top 40 music. These classes are high energy! These hour long classes you will help you burn between 400-1000 calories and leave you feeling sassy, happy, confident, and empowered!

Dance Fitness & Weights – Similar format as above but we add hand weights to the second half of class and incorporate them in our fitness routines.

High Fitness

 HIGH transforms old school aerobics into a highly addictive new fitness experience that combines simple, modern fitness techniques (i.e. HIIT, plyometrics, etc.) with music you know and love. This results in a high energy, INTENSE and crazy fun workout that leaves participants feeling HIGH and wanting more! Our formula alternates between cardio peaks and toning tracks that will take your heart rate to the sky and strength to the next level. Our instructors Brie and Stephanie will ensure you have a blast and blast those calories!

Boot Camp

These group class sessions, focus on high-intensity interval training exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats, sprints, and sit-ups and provide a killer workout. Training (HIIT) uses short bursts of activity to spike the metabolism and keep it running at an accelerated rate for up to 36 hours after the workout. That means the body burns extra calories even during sleep! Our instructor Elise will keep every boot camp workout dynamic and engaging the whole way through. Those 60 minutes will fly by even faster than you think because your mind and body are constantly stimulated by something new.

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training

Short bursts of high-intensity exercise with active rest throughout, our HIIT class is a fun and challenging way to reap the benefits of an hour of cardio and an hour of strength training (two hours total) in JUST 45 MINUTES! Based on scientific studies such as The Tabata Protocol, HIIT is proven to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as increase muscular strength and fat loss! Bring a yoga mat and get ready to SWEAT in this intense bodyweight class!


Friday Night Dance Fitness Parties!

One FRIDAY of every month will be a night out for fun! Join UDF founder Camille and Instructors Stephanie and Brie for a pop up 75 minute *Dance Fitness Party* event! Dance fitness class is a follow along class featuring pop, hip hop, and Top 40 music. Think Zumba but a little less cha cha cha and more drop it like it’s HOT! Sassy, funky, sweaty FUN! All teens and adults are welcome! We LOVE first timers!!

Fam Jam Glow Parties!

Have a kiddo that loves to dance or try new things? Bring them and start your weekend off with exercise, fun music and blacklights (Wear white or neon)! Camille of UDF will lead the dancing and the party! The night will include some simple and FUN follow along dance fitness routines, dance games, and enjoying some freestyle glow party dancing! Fun and fitness for a parent/child date or bring the whole family! Ages 5 and up!

Dance Birthday Parties!

Do you have a kiddo who loves to dance? What better way to celebrate their day than with a Hip Hop or Little Dancer Birthday Party? Party takes place at Utah Dance and Fitness in their large dance studio. A table will be provided for any food, cake or presents the party group brings. Kiddos will sit on our special birthday blankets to eat or open presents.

Kids Hip-Hop Party! (Ages 5+) — A one hour Hip-Hop Party followed by a 30 minute use of the room for cake, food and presents. The Dance Party includes fun follow along dance routines, dance games, glow in the dark freestyle dance and more!

Little Dancer Party! (Ages 2-4) — A one hour Little Dancer’s Party followed by a 30 minute use of the room for cake, food and presents. The Little Dancer’s Party includes fun dances to nursery rhymes, music, multi-sensory props, rhythm instruments and an obstacle course!

Pricing for Birthday Parties

$100 for 90 minute party for up to 13 children (including space rental fee). Each additional child is $8. Extra 30 minutes of studio rental is $25.00.

Studio Rental or Private Party with Camille

Looking to rent a space for work meetings or events, parties, fitness practice or training?

Call Camille at #801-787-1491

Cost is $10-50 per hour depending on the activity and amount of people involved.

Private Group Party with Camille Hosting: Up to 2 hours of time in the space with Camille leading the group for 1 hour and an extra hour for your group. $4.00 per person (minimum of 15 people for this rate).


Utah Dance & Fitness Apparel

UDF Racerback Tank – $15

UDF High Neck Tank – $15

UDF V-Neck Tee – $15

ZYIA Leggings – Range from $45-$89 (Inquire with Camille for Discount)

ZYIA Apparel – Inquire with Camille or shop at – myzyia.com19095

Tuition During Coronavirus Stay At Home Via Zoom

  • Dance & Tumble- $25 Monthly for weekly 60 minute class

• Beginning Hip Hop & Tumble – $25  Monthly for weekly 60 minute class

-Dance Fitness and High Fitness classes: $5 Drop-In Rate. $35 for 10 Class Pass Card.

-Friday Night Dance Fitness Party! $5 (or use 10 class pass).

Payment Options:

Venmo to: Camille_UDF

Check made out to: Camille Neilsen

Paypal to: ericneilsen@gmail.com



Contact Us

Facebook Page: Utah Dance and Fitness

Instagram: @utahdanceandfitness

Call: 801-787-1491

Email: camille@utahdanceandfitness.com

Address: 1491 N. 2950 W. Lehi, Utah 84043

*Classes held in a large studio at my home*

Reviews and Recommendations:

Daniella R. : Camille is a fantastic teacher. My kids told me they were nervous going into class. They had no trouble diving in and participating. So fun!

Kristy C. : Camille is hands down one of the best dance fitness instructors around. Her classes are always fun. You will definitely get one heck of an amazing workout with her.

Heygly G. : It is a very nice place, and the attention of its owners is wonderful, you also have a lot of fun, I love it.

Darla H. : Camille is so fun and energetic! She is also great with kids!

Tamara L. : I have worked with Camille both as an adult, beginning dancer and at my public, elementary school as a Hip Hop Kids instructor. The first thing you need to know about Camille is that she is one of the kindest, most accepting women I’ve ever met. She is so cool that I was shy to talk to her at first. I just kind of snuck in and out of her Hip Hop Boot Camp and Zumba classes, but she made sure that she knew that I knew she saw me. She learned my name. She called me up to the front. She helped me build my confidence as a dancer. That’s the thing: Camille can make a personal connection with a wall. While she’s dancing with you, she’s making eye contact, feeling the room, smiling at you and making everyone feel included, young old, fat, thin, in shape or out: she wants you to love dancing as much as she does! Then, when Hip Hop Kids came to my school, Oak Heights Elementary, I found out the teacher was Camille! SCORE for Oak Heights! From day one, every kid felt her swagger and wanted to dance just like her. She leads with clarity and confidence. She encourages creativity and identity. She is cool, kind, inclusive and compassionate, wanting every kid to feel important, seen and involved. My arc with Camille goes back five years, first as a random dancing teacher lady in a group fitness class and eventually to one of the best people, colleagues and friends I claim to know. Take her class. You will love dancing with Camille and Utah Dance and Fitness!!